What can the ground screws be used for?

Our ground screws can be used for a wide range of foundation projects. Below are some examples of projects over the past couple of years where the screws have been used to instal.

•Playgrounds                          •Foot-bridges                           •Miniature houses
•Carports                                •Outdoor gyms                         •Trellises
•Fences                                  •Gates                                       •Benches
•Sundecks                              •Mailboxes                                •Pools
•Balcony railings                     •Road signs
•Pergolas                                •Parking separators
•Balconies                              •Saunas
•Hammocks                           •Hot tubs
•Sunrooms                             •Shelters

There are more options and benefits with the combination ground screw and applications


Ground screws have  even more uses than those presented above. Our ground screws are also well suited to different kind of special assemblies. Due to the fact that they’re screwed down in the ground, they’re also easy to reverse and remove. The screws are also well suited for the installation of flag poles och noise barriers, but also for temporarily installations such as construction fences, sheds, etc.

How does it work?


Our certified and experienced assemblers install our ground screws all over Europe. The experienced installers assess the ground conditions before starting the work. They will then know, for example, if there are rocks in the ground, the ground is sloping, is uneven, hard to access, etc., and they can then find the best solution for this.

Our installers are professionals with invaluable knowledge who will prevent problems from occurring. This, of course, means more time for you to invest into your project!

We can instal groundscrew® in more difficult conditions



Because we don’t use any heavy machinery, we also don’t have any trouble reaching out on missions in inaccessible terrain.  – there’s nothing to stop us!
Watch what our instalment can looks like

Still curious about us ”in action”? Visit Stopdigging on YouTube or Facebook. And this is what it looked like when we participated in the Swedish tv-show and installed ground screws for a wooden deck, fences and a jungle gym.