What is an Attefall house?

In recent years, there has been more and more talk in Sweden about Attefall houses. But what is an Attefall house? And how can I find out whether I have permission to build an Attefall house on my land?

Sweden has many rules and regulations relating to what may be built on private land and how it may be built. However, there are exceptions where no building permit is required. For many years, homeowners have been allowed to build friggebods on their land without building permits. In recent years we have also been allowed to build so-called Attefall houses. The concept was created in 2014 and has been named after our former housing minister, Stefan Attefall.

These popular houses can be up to 25 square meters big, and are therefore somewhat larger than friggebods, which have a limit of 15 square meters.

You do not need a building permit to build an Attefall house. However, you must register your plan with the city planning authority (byggnadsnämnden) before commencing construction, and you must receive a start notification before you start building.

How do I know whether I have permission to build an Attefall house?

The rules relating to building an Attefall house are about the same as for building a friggebod. There must be an existing dwelling on your land, and the Attefall house must not be located closer than 4.5 meters from your neighbour’s land. However, as with friggebods, there may be other limitations. For example, if you live in an area that is historically significant or if your land is located near water or a railroad, special restrictions may apply. If you are unsure of the rules that apply to your plot, please contact the city planning authority (byggnadsnämnden) for assistance.

Different types of Attefall houses

There are five different types of Attefall houses. The most common type is a small independent dwelling that resembles a friggebod. However, other types can include annexes, extensions, roof additions and extra homes. The most common Attefall houses are detached houses, guest houses, outbuildings, garages or saunas.

Can you live in an Attefall house?

Although Attefall houses are very small, many people wonder whether they are allowed to live there. And the answer is actually yes! You can live in these miniature houses. However, if you want to make your house into a permanent residence, you must ensure that all the residential necessities that should exist in a home are available, such as storage space, some kind of kitchen or kitchenette and personal hygiene facilities.

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