Put up an advertising sign with ground screws

Putting up an advertising sign at the entrance to your shop or office building isn’t very difficult. If you anchor it with a ground screw it’s also really fast – it usually takes less than an hour to get it in place. 

What are the rules?

You do not need planning permission for signs that are under 0.3 square meters. However, just one sign is allowed per business and per entrance or frontage of the property, and this does not apply if you intend to place the sign on or in connection with a building or area that is considered to be of historical, cultural, environmental or artistic value.

You may also set up signs for temporary events without building permits; however, there are separate categories depending on the types of event and property that the advertisement relates to. For most other commercial signs, building permits are required, and this applies not only to the installation of new signs, but also to the relocation or substantial change of an existing sign. Read more about what regulations apply in the government guide here.

What about advertising signs along the road?

Advertising signs on public roads may be allowed if they
– offer directional guidance towards a nearby business
– advertise a Hotel, Bed & Breakfast or Hostel,
– are placed for a short period to advertise a planned event nearby

However, in order to be certain that your advertisement fits the category and complies with other rules and regulations, it is best to contact your Local Planning Authority for help and advice. Find out more at https://www.planningportal.co.uk/

Why use ground screws?

In order for your advert to stand steadily in all weather, it needs a stable foundation. Our specially developed ground screws – especially pipe screws – provide an excellent foundation for advertising signs of many different dimensions. Pipe screws were originally developed for Nordic climates, but are suitable for British weather too. They are hot galvanized according to ISO 1461 and customized according to Swedish construction standards. We drill the screw into the ground using special tools and it is then wedged and fastened securely. The base of the sign is then mounted inside the pipe screw and quickly fastened using four bolts. The result is a stable and stylish solution that has the least possible impact on surrounding surfaces.

When you choose to put up an advertising sign with pipe screws, you can rely on: 

– Fast and efficient assembly
– Minimal impact on the surroundings
– Stable anchorage that can be immediately used
– A flexible solution that is removable and recyclable
– Fixed price

When are ground screws unsuitable?

Ground screws provided by StopDigging are a smart, stylish and convenient alternative to normal concrete bases. In general, anywhere that you might have dug down to bury a prefabricated concrete base, you can use a ground screw instead. However, they are not suitable if the terrain is mountainous or the ground is newly removed down to 50 cm or deeper. In the latter case, the soil must first settle before a reliable and stable installation may be carried out. Extremely rocky soil can be a problem, but in the vast majority of cases we can mount ground screws even in rocky soil by pre-drilling for all screws and cracking small and even fairly large stones.

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