Stop Digging – Award-Winning company

Stop Digging have recently won awards for the innovation of our unique product. Solving problems for people across the world and its only just beginning.

We are delighted to announce that we have won

Most Innovative Building Foundation Product 2019 – Europe

BUILD magazine 2019 Construction and Engineering Awards


Best Garden Home Ground Screws Installation Company – Europe

2019 Midlands Enterprise Awards.





What is the story behind Stop Digging ground screws?

It all started during a game of boules in the spring of 2011 between Kim Olsson and Hakan Liljekvist who had an idea the turned them into the founders of Stop Digging

Through his work in the construction industry, Kim had noted how using long screws driven into the ground was a simple and versatile solution for installing solar panels. He wondered aloud if he should use the same technology for the terrace he was planning to build at home – as it would eliminate the dreary and demanding work to dig holes in the ground and cast concrete bases. “But if you’re looking to do away with that, there must be thousands of other people who want the same thing,” replied Håkan

Everything went quiet while the two men considered the implications of what Håkan had just said.

Around a year later, they had designed and tested a number of different screw prototypes, quit their current jobs and founded Stop Digging. A company that has since won several awards and is now represented in about ten countries around the world – and continues to expand.

What can we learn from this? Well, that revolutionary ideas can turn up when you least expect them. Ground screws have made everyday life easier for homeowners, construction and landscape workers, public sector firms and other companies that need to garden buildings, build terraces, depots, SIP panel extensions and other small buildings, or to put up road signs, fencing, decking and much more. By choosing ground screws from Stop Digging rather than the traditional method of digging foundations and creating concrete bases, they save time, energy and money.

and Kim Olsson supplemented one another so perfectly from the start. Kim is the te.    Who are the founders of Stop Digging?

Kim Olsson was a technical expert and builder who developed the screws, whilst Håkan Liljekvist had extensive experience is Sales and Marketing.

They gave up their successful careers to devote themselves to Stop Digging

“we wanted to build up a stand-alone brand, to create something lasting. Running a business is a really creative thing to do” Says Hakan Liljekvist

“we wanted to supply a service that saves people time and money. So instead of them buying a screw and then having to rent a machine to drive it into the ground, we send our installers out to install the screw in the soil I. just a few minute” Says Kim Olsson

Where Are The Screws Designed and Developed?

All of our screws are designed and developed in Sweden. They are built to withstand the Nordic climate and tested in the toughest environments imaginable. They are manufactured in Asia and come with a 25 year warranty. The screws do not rust and have a very long life.

What is in store for the future at Stop Digging?

We have grown strongly in just a short time. During our first year, we installed 5,000 ground screws, and a few years later this figure had increased to 150,000. Our target for 2022 is 500,000 ground screws installed. Our success has attracted the attention of the trade press in Sweden, and we were named a “Super company” by the Swedish journal Veckans Affärer two years in a row.

We are continuing to expand across the world, adding additional partners and finding new uses for our screws all the time. We will continue to develop and believe this is just the beginning.

Hakan says “I’m driven by the fact I cannot see any end to our development. Every day brings something new. It may be new partners, new countries or new areas for use of our screws”