Build a pergola

Are you keen to give your garden an added dimension? A pergola in the garden gives you an additional space where you can sit down for a cup of tea, have something to eat or socialise with family and friends and enjoy summer.

A pergola gives your garden a boost and creates a lush extra space. But what is a pergola actually, and what should you consider if you are about to build one?

What is a pergola?

The word pergola is Italian and means colonnade or garden alcove. A pergola can have many different designs and fulfil several different purposes. Many people see it as an outdoor space where family and friends can gather to talk, eat and enjoy time together. Climbers are perfectly suitable plants in a pergola and create a lush and opulent impression, while providing shelter and shade. It is also possible to attach a sail on top to protect against the weather.

Choosing the right timber

Once you’ve planned and measured where you want your pergola, it’s time to choose timber. As it is a permanent structure, you should choose impregnated timber. This will make the maintenance of your pergola easier – you just don’t want to cut back your climbers every year to clean the timber. If you think you might add a roof to your pergola in the future, this must be taken into consideration when choosing the timber. It must withstand both the weight of the roof and any possible snow cover. However, many people prefer to let the climbers grow and form a natural and lush ceiling. Keep in mind that your climbing plants will not only wrap around the rafters but will also hang down. Therefore, you have to allow for extra ceiling height.

Positioning the pergola

There are many suitable places for the pergola in the garden. If a wind screen is added, this can create a lush and cosy garden alcove. Most common however, is to place the pergola as an extension to the house. This creates an atmosphere of an outdoor room. As many of the plants in the pergola thrive in the sun, a south facing position is excellent.

We can assist you!

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