Garden Room Suppliers jobs made simple!

Over the years since Stop Digging has been in operation we have discovered one big frustration for garden room/decking suppliers. The customer either wants full installation or at least the base, (the difficult bit) installed for them so they can then assemble the garden room/decking and place it on top.

What are some of the issues that garden room suppliers face?

  • There could be tree roots underneath causing all sorts of problems when digging
  • Digging is messy, you will be damaging the clients garden which can leave them frustrated and if they are in a terrace house then you have to pass through the main house, so you have to ensure the carpets/furniture are covered and protected to avoid getting dirt on them
  • There is a risk of hitting underground electric cables or pipes
  • You can’t dig and concrete the bases in bad weather
  • Creating the base takes time and having to hire people to do this part of the work
  • It would be much easier if you could just sell the product and someone else take on the installation

Stop Digging is the perfect solution for garden/decking suppliers, you can focus purely on selling the product and then hand it over to Stop Digging to install these ground-breaking screws that will be installed in minutes as opposed to days, in any weather with no mess! We scan the area with our special machinery to ensure we do not hit electric cables and pipes. The customers garden will not get ruined and it will take away all the hassle, saving you time and money.

Walton’s one of the UK’s largest producer of garden buildings has chosen Stop Digging to provide foundations for its wide range of garden buildings.

If you are a supplier of decking or garden buildings then call us today, let us take away the dirty work and create the foundation whilst you can focus on selling your product without hassle!