Does your company need a new USP?

If you are a builder or hard landscaper and install, decking, fencing, sheds and gardens buildings then read this article, by the end of it you will have a unique selling point that will have you standing out from the crowd and beating your competitors in this crowded market.


Customers normally get at least three quotes when they require works in their garden. What will be their deciding factor? You do not want to drop your prices too low and then not make the profit that you deserve so how else can you sell your service so that you are a better choice for them than your competitors?

Firstly, think of what is important to your customer? For most customers it is the following

  1. 1. Time
  2. 2. Money
  3. 3. Hassle

Is there something you can do to speed up the time it takes for you to install decking or a garden room?

If you could make savings on what you spend could you then pass it on to your customer? What will save you money though?

How can you reduce the hassle for your customer?

Introducing Stop Digging ground screws! We all know digging the foundations and concrete bases is the tricky bit when installing decking/fencing or garden rooms.

Stop Digging will send a team out who scan the area which our special machinery to avoid hitting any electric cables or pipes, then within minutes we can install the ground screws. You simply have to place the decking/garden room/fencing on top.

This will save you so much time allowing you to move onto your next job

It will actually work out CHEAPER than you creating the foundations yourself.

There is no damage to your customers garden

There is no chance of walking through mess if they live in a terraced house

Stop Digging can work in any weather conditions. With winter approaching there will be days where you look at out the windows and realise you can’t work as the weather is too bad for creating the concrete bases. Not anymore! We will install these screws even in bad weather so you can crack on with the job without down time.

In summary this will save you time, hassle and money and you can take on more work and earn more money. It’s a no brainer!

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