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Build your deck in record time and enjoy the sunshine

The Ground Screw for solid foundations:

  • No need to dig up your garden.
  • Suitable for most ground conditions.
  • Completed in only a few hours.
  • No heavy machinery, no mess.

How it works

1. Get a Quote and book Your Installer

Contact our friendly, helpful staff for advice and a quotation. Book your installation date and sit back. Our qualified installers will do the rest. We have all the knowledge and equipment to install our ground screws in most ground conditions, even in patios, concrete and tarmac.


2. We Install the Ground Screws

Just show us where your decking is to go and let us install the ground screws in the right place with laser accuracy.


3. you do the rest

Now you’ve saved days of back breaking work. You can build your deck easily and quickly in our stable, level ground screws.


Video of our speedy installation.

Any questions?

Call our friendly, helpful staff on 0800 233 5744 for more information
Or E-mail us on:


  • No digging
    Put the shovel away and save your back
  • No concreting
    Avoid the heavy bags of concrete and hard labour
  • No damage to the surrounding area
    Clean and tidy, no mud or mess
  • Saves time
    We are done in a few hours, you can build straight away
  • Saves money
    Smart and efficient method to build foundations
  • Can be installed all year round
    We can mount ground screw year around

Build a deck

Building a deck or terrace with our ground screws is simple, easier and much faster alternative to using conventional concrete foundations. The joists are simply fastened to the ground screws which are installed around one metre into the ground. The timber is held clear of the ground, reducing rot, greatly increasing the lifespan of your decking.

The method is well established all throughout Europe, and used by many contractors throughout the UK and Ireland.

Groundscrew for fence

After installing the ground screws, work on the deck can be started immediately.

Advantages of Ground Screws

The main advantage of using our ground screws is there is no digging. So there´s no need for all that back-breaking spade work, mini excavators or skips. Our installation system is clean and leaves no damage to the garden. So there’s no need for back-filling or repairs. Apart from the perfectly positioned, level ground screws you wouldn’t even know we had been.

It can take days to prepare concrete foundations, where our installations generally only take a few hours. As a consequence you save valuable time and money.

Stopdigging, beam screw


Some examples of our beam & post ground screws

Installing a ground screw is fast. We install the screws at the perfect position for your project and at just the right height. Before installing the ground screws we pre-drill to remove any obstructions and ensure stable foundations.


Build a deck with ground screw

No damage to the surrounding area.

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Works in most ground conditinos

Done in a few hours.


Comparison: Ground Screws VS. Concrete Foundations.

Exampel: 30 Sgm deck with 16 foundations

A general comparison showing approximate times.

Suboperation Stopdigging Postfix Cast
Visit builders merchant 2–4 Hrs 2–4 Hrs
Dig by hand 8–16 Hrs 8–16 Hrs
Aggregate Base 1–2 Hrs 1–2 Hrs
Shuttering 1 Hrs
Mix concrete and fill 4–8 Hrs
Mount the brackets 1–2 Hrs
Drying time 24 Hrs
Refill 1–2 Hrs 1–2 Hrs
Restore the ground 1–2 Hrs 1–2 Hrs
Install ground screw (Our installer) 2–3 hrs
Total Time
Start to completion 30 Sgm
2–3 hrs
13–26 hrs
19–29 hrs

Check the price with your nearest installer and get ready with your deck fast.

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We have certified installer in the country.

Contact your local installer for a quote. Just type your area in the box below and we will find them for you.