Big business magazine draws attention to Stop Digging

One of Sweden’s biggest business magazines, Dagens Industri, recently published a large feature on Stop Digging. The feature was about the company’s strong expansion in Sweden and its international successes.

Stop Digging’s Swedish parent company Sluta Gräv was founded in Helsingborg by Kim Olsson and Håkan Liljekvist in 2012 after Kim Olsson saw how solar cell panels installations could be quickly and easily mounted using screws in the ground. They realized that ground screws could be used for so much more, such as wooden decking, small buildings, park benches and street signs. Since then, Stop Digging has grown significantly from 5,000 sold screws in 2012 to 150,000 last year and interest in the company continues to increase.

Sweden’s leading business newspaper Dagens Industri published a large feature in mid-October, where the magazine reported on Stop Digging’s strong expansion in the market. The founders were interviewed, as well as CEO Richard Alm, whose future goal is to reach 500,000 sold screws by 2022. Dagens Industri also wrote about Stop Digging’s successful investment in the international market and about the company’s efforts to secure more partners in Europe and other parts of the world.

“Of course, we think it is great that Dagens Industri, Sweden’s leading business magazine, has brought attention to our company and our amazing development. It shows that there is a great interest in our product, which has a great future ahead of it. As more and more people discover that a ground screw can replace a concrete block in many different contexts, interest in our company will only increase further,” says CEO Richard Alm.