An innovation in the construction industry

In just a few years, Stop Digging has developed from a small hobby business info an international company.

The success may be due in part to the fact that founders Håkan Liljekvist and Kim Olsson supplemented one another so perfectly from the start. Kim is the technical expert and the builder who developed the actual screws, while Håkan has extensive experience in marketing and sales.
“We’ve taken responsibility for different things and avoided conflicts. As a result, we’ve been able to focus fully on developing the business,” explains Håkan Liljekvist.

From the earliest days, the idea was not simply to sell the screws, but also the installation work thus creating an area of land ready to build. “We wanted to supply a service that saves people time and money. So instead of them buying a screw and then having to rent a machine to drive it into the ground, we send our installers out to install the screw in the soil in just a few minutes,” says Kim Olsson.

Both Håkan and Kim are entrepreneurs to their fingertips, and both walked away from successful careers to devote themselves to Stop Digging. “We wanted to build up a stand-alone brand, to create something lasting. Running a business is a really creative thing to do,” says Håkan Liljekvist.

The Stop Digging journey has only just begun. “I’m driven by the fact that I cannot see any end to our development. Every day brings something new. It may be new partners, new countries or new areas of use for our screws.”



Stop Digging are now available in 12 countries, and the development continues strongly.

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