A Case study

John Thompson is a 35-year-old man from Iver in Berkshire. Although his day job is in accountancy he’s also very good at DIY and has always had a knack with fixing things and putting items together.
John’s motto is “when you can do it yourself, why bother paying someone to do it?

John has recently gone from working for a corporate company to setting up his own business. He and hos wife agreed that building a garden room would helpful. He could have an office at home but be away from the distraction of the main house.
John purchased the garden room from the supplier and began reading up on what was required for the installation. After watching many DIY video´s and reading several ‘how to’ articles he began to raise a few concerns.
John lives in a beautifully decorated terraced house with new carpets. The base for the garden room looked like it was going to messy and with the only access being trough the house he was very concerned about mud dirtying the house.

His second worry was that he took real pride in his garden and had worked very hard to make it his mini paradise. Digging up and creating the base would likely damage and undo much of his good work.
A third concern arouse with regards to underground electricity cables and trees and their roots, as he did have some in the garden.

John began to feel overwhelmed with the project and began to regret taking it on. However, after further research online he came across Stop Digging! The company supplies & installs solid ground screws that can comfortably support garden room.
The friendly team responded very quickly to John’s initial questions and setup an appointment to view the property. With their special equipment they scanned the site for underground services.

John had marked out exactly where he wanted the holes to go for the base & once the Stop digging team had checked the footprint of the building, they pre-drilled the holes and installed the ground screws in place. As simple as that. The garden office was now ready to be installed, no digging, no mess, no time wasted. No awkward concrete bases or anything like that needed.

John could not have been happier. The team came in and completed the task in just a couple of hours, a task that would have taken him days to complete. There was no mess whatsoever, his beautiful garden is not damaged at all, and the work had no effect on the main house. He saved time, money and a lot of hassle.

John then had fun task of being able to build and put together his new office with difficult part being resolved for him.